Business Analysis

As your business analyst, I familiarize myself with the business and communications processes and IT landscape at your enterprise. My goal is to comprehend them thoroughly, and devise solutions to improve your IT systems and work processes/structures for upcoming projects or analyses.

My involvement does not end by simply defining the purely theoretical requirements for these project solutions. I will assist you throughout the project, from idea generation, to defining the requirements, executing the task, the testing phase, through to successful integration into your operation.

Translate & moderate between the technical department and IT unit

Often, novel/specialized ideas and implementing changes in an enterprise are closely interconnected with the technology deployed/to be deployed – which opens up a big can of worms full of conflicts. That’s exactly why, as your business analyst, I function as a key liaison between your department and the IT unit.

Why the potential for conflicts? For two main reasons:

The technical departments seek new products, ideas, and processes to win new customers and retain existing ones longer and more effectively. In contrast, one of the IT unit’s primary objectives is to develop operational & stable components or systems and run them. But such stability is not attainable through regular changes.

Moreover, the technical departments and the IT unit speak different languages – resulting in huge misunderstandings when communicating and interpreting documents.

The solution: a professional business analyst

A great business analyst, I believe, requires excellent communication skills, empathy, analytical thinking, and knowledge of the enterprise and its sector, to function as an interface and effectively avoid and/or resolve conflicts between the technical departments and the IT unit.

Undoubtedly, the primary goal here is to devise a solution that pleases all participants. My experience gained on both sides of the fence gives me the ability to detail the requirements clearly and understandably, to communicate these and ensure that all parties involved are equally satisfied.

Exploit my experience to analyze your business

I have worked as a business analyst on a host of projects for a multitude of enterprises (click here for some examples). I am confident that my experience and structured approach will help you to manage your requirements effectively. Your technical departments and the IT unit will certainly be grateful.

Please feel free to contact me at any time. We can jointly determine how to advance your enterprise through professional business analysis.