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Do you need a clear (and “free”) head for concentrating on what you do best – your business? Do so-called projects steal your time and take your thoughts away from your core competence?

Or, even worse: is there anything on your agenda which worries you, stops you from sleeping?

Why should you work with a problem solver?

You are excellent at what you are doing, and you are enjoying spending your time on what you love doing. Occasionally, however, unique and extraordinary tasks and challenges might come your way. Those will not give you too big a headache, I hope, but they certainly will do one thing: distract you from what you love doing.

Not only do you need to look after those upcoming challenges (ignoring them is not a good idea, usually). You need to leave your comfort zone and tackle those tasks. Content, timeline, financing, methodology.

I cannot take every single task off of you (ok, maybe I could). I am, however, the project expert and problem solver you have been looking for. Methodology expertise, many years of small and large scale project experience, focused on delivery paired with trustworthiness and reliability. And, as a bonus, lots of optimism.

Does this sound good? Perfect. Please get in touch with me and let’s talk about your challenges and how I might be able to help.

If reaching your project goals is vital – you should talk to me!

You will receive my full support to make your ideas and projects a success. With your experts, your teams, your technology. And if ‘your team’ is just you, then this sounds perfect as well. I have worked with entrepreneurs (and sailors) to make their dream, their vision come true. No matter what the underlying problem is, let’s start talking and there will be a way forward.

I look forward to hearing from and working with you,

Hubert Hell