Your Project Expert

I have been conducting projects since 1993, in diverse sectors and at different levels. Hence, when I assist on projects, you can count on not just extensive experience, but also dependability, and a structured and goal-oriented partner.

Depending on the requirements and targets, I can handle a host of tasks and responsibilities in diverse areas.

Project management

My PMP (Project Management Professional) certification in 2005 assures you of my experience and reliability as your project manager.

The bandwidth of projects I have managed range from just a few months to large ones with budgets in the mid-single digit millions.

I underpin my analytical approach with a structured working style to quickly grasp your issues – regardless of whether we are talking about a new project or an ongoing one that I need to get aboard.

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Business analysis

As the liaison between your technical departments and the IT unit, my job is to listen, question, comprehend, organize, and document. My goal is to get the IT people to create a solution for the technical requirements of the departments, one that is understandable and works for all – from both specialized and technical standpoints.

Translate and mediate between the technical department and IT unit

Technical departments naturally concentrate on the technical content, products, processes, and customers. In contrast, the IT unit focus on the availability and stability of technical components and systems.

No wonder, this often results in communication problems. My job here is to avoid and/or resolve such communication conflicts.

When addressing requirements versus solutions, my task is to mediate the anticipated conflicts by finding an outcome that both sides happily accept.

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Work Stream Leader and Subproject Manager

If your project has crossed the threshold where you seek someone to manage a subproject or need a work stream lead to back your project manager – look no more!

Large corporations typically prefer to have their employees head a project. As a subproject manager, or backing for the project manager, I am pleased to take on some elements. This may involve a single, targeted subproject, or possibly individual facets of the overall project – such as time and resources planning, or risk management. 

If I’m assigned to lead a work stream, or given charge of a team of experts, you can count on my support to relieve you in that respective area.

Analysis and automation of processes

New systems and products often call for new processes or changes, in line with your deliberations while defining requirements. Now you need to put them into practice. 

I can study and analyze your processes, particularly manual tasks, for automation possibilities. By defining the findings as a standard requirement, I then work with your experts and IT personnel to recommend a solution. This may not necessitate complete reprogramming or new programming, because often minor modifications can evoke great changes and improvements.

Automation does not necessarily mean layoffs. Mostly, it opens up the option to scale up without any significant effort.

Past projects

From theory to practice: you now have an idea of what I do and what I’m capable of. Please click Projects to see a list of ones finished successfully – a compelling selection of what I can do in the field.

If I can be of assistance, or if you require any clarification, please Click here to get in touch.

Take advantage of my network

Just in case I am unavailable for your project, or not the ideal expert for your needs, do not hesitate to ask for a reference from within my big network. I stay actively in contact with diverse partners and specialists working in the field of project management, and would be pleased to refer you to the best for your needs.