Project Management

Certified Project Management – if reaching your project goals is vital!

You have an idea, a vision of what you want to achieve. One or the other difficulty might have turned up on your way to reach your goal. And now you need someone to help you manoeuvre around those difficulties.

Whatever your current challenges might be, I am a very good listener with lots of problem solving ideas.

My PMP certification (Project Management Professional) is proof for my theoretical methodology background. However, I am not only a listener and someone who can talk about project management theory. Outstanding tasks I tackle reliably, delivery is one of my strengths. The same is true for an open and clear communication with all parties involved.

Methodology, a very structured and target-oriented approach are very helpful in any kind of project environment – and those topics I handle professionally. In addition to all that, I am a full-blooded service provider, making the achieving of your goals top priority.

Revolutionary ideas, visionary new structures or market-conquering strategies are not something you will get from me. However, what I offer is possibly even more than those three topics:


For your plans and ideas I am the reliable, goal-oriented organiser and project manager.


What else can you expect from me, why am I your perfect solution for your upcoming challenges? In addition to the above, there would be:

  • picking up new topics (business, technical) efficiently and on short notice
  • clear and unrestricted target orientation
  • reliable delivery of agreed upon work packages
  • open, honest communication with all people
  • many years experience in project work / environments
  • considerate and quiet approach, also during escalations.


You are facing a major problem, a challenge you are worried about? Please give me a call or send a message, I will get back to you as soon as possible.



Not all requests (or problems) I can handle myself. Be it the lack of time or the location or the content of your project, sometimes I simply will not be able to help. However, I am in close contact with quite a few business partners, and there will certainly be an expert available to support you. Let me know what you would like to achieve – I am sure we will find a way.


Area of responsibilty included so far:

  • project management
  • leading teams of experts
  • requirements definition
  • requirements management
  • business analysis
  • setting up and detailing concepts and strategy papers
  • application management
  • feasibility studies
  • qualified project management office
  • coaching project managers and business analysts
  • supporting project and program managers
  • website setup, configuration and management (WordPress)